1. Go to in a new tab
  2. Click on Bulk Wallet
  3. Set the number of rows to be the number of bills you would like to print (multiples of 4 are best - limit to 50)
  4. Paste the generated bulk wallet into the form below, fill in mint name, and denomination and hit submit.
  5. Print and cut out bills.
  6. If you saved the pdf, please delete it and remove from trash
  7. If you are on a Unix or Unix-like system (MacOS X, Linux, *BSD) check the /tmp directory for any PDF files matching doc*.pdf

Mint name is your name, nickname, or your website url related to bill printing. If you aren't web savy, try using google sites.


Mint Name:


Denomination: (only for standard design)

Bulk Wallet:

Recommended payment is 0.01 BTC per bill. You can pay to 1AbL6CLwRiAAe9fvqq6GJ5MjAkF98ac71N. This will be frittered away frivolously to stimulate the bitcoin economy.

Stuff that I use for printing

You don't need to use any of these supplies, and if you are just looking for something quick, you can just print these out on normal 8.5x11 inch paper, with no cover for the private key. You can also just buy the bills from if you would like to get higher quality without all the investment.

Disclosure: I get a kickback from amazon

32 Lb cotton paper, 250 sheets (enough to make 1000 bills)
Important to cut bills in nice straight lines.
A nice little printer that that works with cheaper ink (if you do this a lot, ink will rapidly outpace the price of the printer)
Yeay ink!
You can get 25 mm square tamper evident holograms from Ebay. I usualy buy from user sdm-security, who also has a website if you want to buy from them directly.
You may also wish to contact Casascius if you are looking for a higher quality bitcoin specific hologram.

If you are going to use holograms, print out these squares to protect the private key, and be sure to put holograms on both sides of the bills.